Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A fly by

So, I've been surfing the net to pass the time while waiting for my washing cycle to finish (woah life is so glam). Can't believe that people are still checking and I'm so incredibly flattered. So here I am on a fly by and I thought I'd update you all on the next chapter of the story.

Life is funny isn't it? The twists and turns, the ups and downs, the roundabouts. Life outside the ratrace can be tough - very tough. I survived a couple of years of it, scraping by and just about paying my mortgage. My quality of life wasn't what I wanted and stress levels were soaring. And so I had to reach a compromise with myself and now I work for a housing association as the executive assistant to the CEO. A PA? Who would have thunk it?

But hey, guess what? I enjoy it. The people are great, the work is good, social housing is a worthy cause for me. And also, guess what? I'm nine to five. Who'd have thunk that? But what the hell is so wrong with that? Why did I have such a problem? The peace of mind I get from knowing I can pay my way is just huge. The commute is easy peasy and the people are really really great.

And again guess what?

I'm writing a book...

I've done the outline - 10,000 words and I'm about to start on my first draft proper. I'm lacking confidence but if I say it out loud on this blog, well it means that I absolutely HAVE to do it, no?

Back soon