Wednesday, April 05, 2006

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

Oh, dear reader. How do I miss thee. Let me count the ways.

One of the biggest oversights I made when signing up to this three-year Masters was exactly quite how much actual work was involved. I visualised myself at the end, graduating as a qualified counsellor. However, I didn't quite visualise the countless words I would have to write in order to get there. Denial? Quite probably.

I'm missing my friends, my life, the money I used to make from full-time employment. My hobbies are taking a back seat. No more football because Sundays are set aside for reading and coursework (allegedly). Less blogging, because when you have to write a 5500 word essay, you just can't afford to use valuable words up on a blog.

The pressure is on now, with three weeks to go before I have to hand in a big project that I haven't quite got round to starting yet. Things may be quiet around here for a while.

But I'll be back. I always am.