Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dance Off

It appears I have taken my love of dancing (and quite possibly tequila) to a new level. Last weekend, at Miss Colourful's hen night, I engaged in a dance off with one of the other girls. Two stubborn dancers, two tequilas and an open dance floor is a somewhat explosive combination and before we knew it we were both surrounded by a circle of girls, taking it in turns to demonstrate a bigger and better move before giving the other some "attitude" and waiting to see what she could deliver.

Encouraged by the baying crowd we strutted our stuff one at a time, daring the other to come up with more outrageous sequences, and before I knew it I was attempting to breakdance... in public. My adversary performed a rather complex seventies manoeuvre and I engaged in some low gravity gyrating pole dancing affair before we finally called a truce and headed for the bar.

I know I've danced lots in my time, but I've never woken up with bruised feet before.